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SammaeL's Stat Cheat.
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Snowblind Studios > BG: Dark Alliance Gameplay, Tips & Tricks (Spoilers!)

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Joined: 02 Feb 2004
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SammaeL's Stat Cheat.  Reply with quote  

This is a cheat/glitch I uncovered back when the game was first released.It can take a long time to achieve depending on how powerful you want your character to be.

Start with a level forty character on the extreme difficulty.Use the Level Warp code to warp to the Onyx Golem in the Onyx Tower.Use the Level Cheat(the cheat that sets your character to level twenty).You should drop from level forty to level twenty.Fight the Onyx Golem until you reach level forty again.You will have to warp out of the tower and then back in after every fight with the Golem to get him to reappear.After you reach level forty go to a save point and save,reset your system and repeat.

Keep in mind that every time you use the Level Cheat your Feats will reset back to the first level but you do keep any unused feat points.Also,do not raise your wisdom above +99% or the game will freeze when you gain any experience.Putting your Charisma up past +99% will result in shopkeepers paying you to take thier items.The only downsides to this cheat are that it can take awhile to create a powerful character and some spell/feat costs will stack.Stacking spell costs means that Burning Hands can cost around 300 magic points a second to use and thats on the first level.Like I said though,it only affects a few spells/feats.
Post Mon Feb 02, 2004 3:28 am
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Joined: 10 Jun 2004
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Whats the Cheat that takes ur guy to lvl 20? I knew there was cheat to get to lvl 10 fast but not 20.
Post Sat Jun 12, 2004 12:59 am
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