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Is "Hammer of Wrath" less effective with higher ra
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Shifty Geezer

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Is "Hammer of Wrath" less effective with higher ra  Reply with quote  

I've noticed with increasing rank in the cleric's Hammer that as it does more spin attacks, it tends to be less effective against moving enemies. Whereas a standard attack hits them on the head and slows down their approach quite successfully, when entering into a spin the Hammer trails behind advancing enemies making no contact. I've also found the spin attack hit allies, including twice trouncing Oethelas in the spider's zone and knocking him down to a quarter health making me reluctant to use the hammer, a choice which eventually cost me my life Sad

Maybe the Hammer should have a little upgrade for RTA so it fights while you block and the spin attack is as effective at catching moving enemies as a normal attack?
Post Wed Sep 29, 2004 10:32 am
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