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Origional Everquest vet here, some suggestions...
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Snowblind Studios > Champions: Return to Arms General Discussion

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Joined: 05 Sep 2004
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Origional Everquest vet here, some suggestions...  Reply with quote  

Hey guys, I've been an everquest addict for years now and my guild is in the top of the game, but I've moved recently and I havn't been able to play. Champions of Norrath has been a great distraction, and I'm considering picking up the sequel as soon as it's released, but I think I speak for many, many many EQ vets when I say there are a few things that would make the game much more of a must-buy, at least with the current EQ crowd.

Hope this helps you guys reach a larger crowd, here they go:

No Trolls? Ogres? Sad that just sucks. It would be sweet to have a fatty race with beefier hitpoints or perhaps stun resistance. Vah Shir and Iksar are cool and all, but the Trolls and Ogres were here first, and in my honest opinion are much more vital to the setting than the Iksar and Vah shir, who are only persistant in EQ fantasy, unlike the fattys who are in pretty much all fantasy.

Worn, or constant effects: A great worn effect would include any combination of health regeneration, mana regeneration, attack bonuses, and skill bonuses. Dropped combinables could be used to do this, sometimes you might pick up a skill bonus combinable for another class, but since the combinables are sellable its really no big deal. If you want to be really good about it, give us an NPC to exchance or sell commonly dropped combinables. You could do this in the form of a quest npc, or even just add a quest for exchanging such combinables. Now on to the real suggestion. Throw us EQ vets a bone here. In CoN, the regeneration effects are displayed in percentages, which makes it a little hard to see exactly how much you are regenerating. Consider adding items that have a flat regeneration rate, for example, a combinable's description would read something like this:

Regeneration 5
Regenerates 5 hitpoints every 6 seconds while worn.

Etc. This would allow us to see just how much good those items are doing us, and makes it easier to judge the value of an item in general.

What do you guys think?

Doh, I'm at work at the moment and I have to get busy here, will post more ideas as I get time. Thanks for taking the time to listen to suggestions. Smile

Veteran Sarcazzm Madbarsher
Post Sun Sep 05, 2004 2:59 pm
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