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Improving Melee combat.
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Snowblind Studios > Champions: Return to Arms General Discussion

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Joined: 12 Jul 2004
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Improving Melee combat.  Reply with quote  

One of the main weaknesses of Champions is the animations used for melee combat, they're bland, repetitive, and after a while start to grate on your patience.

Now, recently, I've been playing Hunter The Reckoning: Redeemer, in which each character has 6-7 melee combos that can be pulled off at will.

So, what I propose is a new, more interesting melee system, and control system to go with it.

1. Controls

I propose that the controls be rearranged to something like the Ninja Gaiden control scheme, thusly:

Square: Light attack
Triangle: Heavy attack
Circle: Ranged attack
X: Pick up/Talk

R1: Block
L1: Spell Shift (L1+ Face button for 4 hotkeyed spells)

The advantage of this is that it allows for some more interesting combos to be used with melee heavy characters, rather than just pessing X until everything's dead, you no longer need a 'switch weapon' button, you have both your equipped weapons instantly available, and you get room for four instantly available spells, not 2.

2. Combos

The easiest way to explain this is in reference to the other games that use tghe same system, Ninja Gaiden and the Lord of the Rings games. Quite simply, by pressing asequence of buttons, you perform a specific attack chain, deciding which is more useful for taking on each enemy.

To beef up the variety yet more, those chains (inputs and animations) could change to represent the five possible weapon types (1H sharp or blunt, 2H sharp or blunt, and dual weapons).

Yes, I realise it's a lot more animation work to put in, and it means people learning a new control system, but it would increase the player interactivity by a hundred percent, turning a merely good hack and slash into a really special one.
Post Sun Aug 29, 2004 11:22 am
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Shifty Geezer

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
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I agree getting passed the button-mashing hack-and-slash would be huge improvement.

How's about the button functions change depending on whether the character is in combat mode or not? You're not going to stop to talk to someone while being shot be orcs, so don't allow a talk button until it's safe. Similarly you want stop to pick up Leather guantlets with someone trying to stick a sword in your back, so don't allow pickups until there are no enemies near,

This'd free up four combat buttons for use as suggested. It'll also be REALLY cool if magic users had spells as attacks, so you could do combos like 'hit-freeze-hit-push back-lightning zap' or 'hit-burning hands-stab-repulse-frost shard' and groovy magical combos.

Speaking of LOTR, the same company's latest DnD offering is due out soon. Might offer some interesting variations on the action RPG theme from the sounds of it.

Shifty Geezer
Post Sun Aug 29, 2004 3:39 pm
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