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suggestions for RTA
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Snowblind Studios > Champions: Return to Arms General Discussion

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suggestions for RTA  Reply with quote  

1> On-screen item illumination/labelling when holding down a button would be useful- similar to the Diablo series- as I sometimes found myself wandering around parts I'd just had action in to find the loot- would really help players to navigate quickly and see the items they wanted to pick up quickly- but would need to be a level 1 button such as a trigger to be easily useable.

2> Read somewhere before, but I agree with having a safe storage area- only with a set grid limit though- say just one screen of items- that would be great for gem horders like myself Very Happy or to store items until they are usable (if have high level req) etc etc

3> Vary the effects on items- as some have suggested- to have boosts to individual player skills- such as +2 shield bash, or other modifiers.

4> Many people have suggested more spells/feats- I personally think again that the Diablo system is great, where you have multiple trees such as passive feats, throw weapons etc etc for each player- this makes for a far varied outcome to characters. And rather than lvl 50 players all having the same maxed skills- there would be a very ranged style o high level characters.

5> PvP - pure genius- as long as the screen size doesn't become a hindrence for long distance players such as archers or spellcasters- if they get locked into close combat due to camara movement it would ruin the playability. Keep that in mind.

6> I like the idea of selecting pre-game whether to share gold or not- a very simple piece of coding could do this as it is just one of those 'Marmite™' things where it can really annoy some people one way or another. Wouldn't take much to implement it.

7> Again another seen idea- make the levels feel more natural by having more village or towns- someone suggested various buildings for various items- perhaps more an anooyance- but consider buildings like guilds players can join which grants them bonuses to they're feats or special skills which were previously unavailable- BG:DA2 had a good part where halfway into the game you could access more feats- very refreshing.

8> Perhaps implement some light hearted quests to take the edge of things- such as a quest to play a game of golf with a Lord of a Manor- or a horse race/chariot race.

9> Medal system = mint idea - but perhaps also incorporate ranks, awards or titles - if online players could earn titles then it would be something to work towards- the extended level cap is already a good start to enlarging gameplay.

10> Like the above comment, if players earnt awards such as Champion of an certain arena (for winning x amount of arena battles) then it would give players something else to do if a certain quest was getting tedious- alternatives in gameplay make games less frustrating.

11> I'm not sure what the PvP is like, but perhaps include various game styles such as 2 v 2 battles, capture the flag games, hold the hill type, etc

12> In multiplayer games, when players die- rather than re-spawning at the next save point they arrive at you could make it so that another player has to pick up the body of the other player and take them to a healer- whilst carrying you could restrict (partially or totally) the item usage.

13> Increase the amount of unique/special/sets of items
Post Sun Jul 25, 2004 10:09 pm
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