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Big bug in weapon damage??
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Shifty Geezer

Joined: 13 Feb 2004
Posts: 185
Big bug in weapon damage??  Reply with quote  

I've dug out DA1 after completing DA2 with all five characters. It must be said DA1 really is a stirling game; it has a polish and quality that DA2 lacked for me.

One thing bothering me though is, starting Act II, weapon damage seems to be broken. From the Mining camp I have reloaded and tried a Frosty Burst Dagger 6-42 damage (ish), a flaming burst sword (10-30 ish), Mithril Scimitar (20-27) and a flaming burst staff doing 6-30 ish damage. When I then go to beat up the wolves, I tend to hit for lower damages, generally about half damage. It's very demoralizing to see a dagger capable of 40 hitpoints damage never doing more than 20. This wasn't the case with the Mithril scimitar though. Also I noticed no crits at all with the staff, but quite a lot with the flaming sword.

Can anyone explain why these magical weapons weren't living up to expectations? Are the wolves resistant or is it a bug?

Shifty Geezer
Post Fri May 28, 2004 8:04 pm
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Joined: 12 Jul 2004
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It's not really a bug, it's just a difference in how the damage is calculated by the game and by the inventory screens.

In the inventory screen, the damage from the weapon and the element are added together and then the quality multiplier is applied. So your dagger would be ((1-4) + (1-12))x3 for a max of 6-48. But when the damage is calculated for a hit, the weapon damage is multiplied by the quality and then the elemental damage is added, so the dagger actually does 4-24.

You can see how this swiftly becomes misleading when you're dealing with Shock weapons, which have a max bonus of 24.
Post Mon Jul 12, 2004 7:07 pm
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