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Lost in Chp3. Help please. Thx
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Snowblind Studios > Champions of Norrath Gameplay, Tips & Tricks (Spoilers!)

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Joined: 10 Apr 2004
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Lost in Chp3. Help please. Thx  Reply with quote  

Me and my buds is playing CoN multiplayer. Got to CHP3.

We freed the guy in the cage and got a key that we have yet to figure out its use. We rescue the shopkeeper. We clear the slavers and got the gnome to give us his counch on the small island. We give the counch to the mermaid and get access to the underwater cave.

And here is the problem. We clear the underwater caves and find this broken portal that doesn't take us anywhere near the upper portion of the map. Unlike the first broken portal we found, this one doesn't take us anywhere. Did we miss something? Is there another exit out of that cave? Is there a way to make the broken portal work?

Thanks in advance.
Post Sat Apr 10, 2004 4:47 pm
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Joined: 24 Apr 2004
Posts: 32
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wait the broken portal in the underwater cave doesnt take u anywhere, it should take u a place with a whole bunch of giants and bug things
I am DeatH the Destroyer of Worlds
Post Sat Apr 24, 2004 4:43 pm
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Joined: 06 Apr 2004
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did you kill the boss thing in there?
Post Fri Jun 04, 2004 4:23 pm
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