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PC Version Please
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Snowblind Studios > Snowblind General Feedback & Suggestions

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Joined: 18 Feb 2004
Posts: 2
PC Version Please  Reply with quote  

Hi Guys. Look, this is a great game and we love it.
Whether anyone wants to admit it or not though it has a lot of glitches.
A few are pretty bad.
I would personally buy the game again if you would make a PC version.
It could have a Diablo/Neverwinter Nights type of Interface.
It could also be patched.
I have also noticed a couple of things in the game that are not really
glitches but they are just annoying.
For example. If I cast a spell and I am up a couple of steps on a stairway
my spell will simply fly over instead of impacting. The same is true of Arrows which is just as bad !
If anything being at a higher elevation when you cast or launch
that arrow you should get a bonus to your attack.
It is an advantage.
Now I understand the physics system and everything but that just
takes a lot of fun out of the game.
Now I know there are a lot of complaints out there about the glitches.
I also know that everyone seems to love the game at the same time.
I say the solution is a PC Version.
Give it some thought.
Well, that's my two cents worth guys.
Thanks for the great games.
Post Wed Feb 18, 2004 9:16 am
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Joined: 01 Feb 2004
Posts: 275
Location: San Diego, CA
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Agree... make it for PC. Can you say patches? Expansion packs? MONEY!! MONEY!! MONEY!! That last part was for SOE.
"Welcome back outcasts because I know just how you've felt over the years... The truth is that looking at me is like looking in the mirror."

-Less Than Jake
Post Fri Mar 12, 2004 4:36 am
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Joined: 30 Jan 2004
Posts: 219
Location: Victorville, CA
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MONEY!! MONEY!! MONEY!! That last part was for SOE.

/homer voice
It's true! It's sooo true!!
/homer voice

A PC version would solve some problems, but since I HATE playing games on the PC... Here's hoping for an expansion on PS2!!!
Post Tue Mar 16, 2004 12:45 am
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