Snowblind HQ Levels Up

Things have been pretty great here at Snowblind lately. Not only do we have an exciting title that we’re working on, but we also recently got an upgrade when it comes to Snowblind HQ. We’ve been ramping up on development for War in the North for a while now, and all of a sudden we noticed that things were starting to get a little... cramped. Close quarters can be good for collaboration, sure, but playing Russian roulette with the power grid can be a little less productive.

The move is just a couple miles down the road--from Bothell to Kirkland here in Washington state--but the benefits are huge. Not only do we have plenty of space for our team to work (with some room to grow, too), we’re also closer to resources like the motion capture and voice recording studios over at Monolith and WB Games. Throw in cool extras like a fully-stocked game room, a couple of playtesting rooms, and showers for the lunchtime soccer players and we have to say that we feel very at home in our new space.

In short, we get to share in some of the benefits of being part of the WB Games family while also maintaining the unique identity that has made Snowblind so great. We couldn’t really ask for more!